Sunday, April 18, 2010

All good-looking men are... GAY?!

A conversation with a very candid friend led to very lively discussion about homosexuality. A number of his statements surprised me especially when he said, "Before, all good-looking men are straight unless proven otherwise. Now, all good-looking men are gay unless proven otherwise." Woooo, what a statement!

Quite an unfair statement, isn't it? But if indeed what he said was accurate enough, oh my.... what an epidemic!!!

After giving it some thought, my small mind led me to think that perhaps there's some truth to what he said. Good looking guys are at a greater risk of being exposed and oriented into homosexuality (bisexuality, initially) considering their "market value" and the attractive force it creates onto other guys who are already gay or bisexual. I think it would be logical to assume that more often than not good looking guys do get the most attention and eventually the highest chances of encountering m2m experiences. Would you agree?

Sexual orientation, for me, is a "learned" aspect of human sexuality. Of course, we cannot discount genetics. However, genetics can only do so much and studies show that gene function gets modified or altered in response to the influence of the environment. Therefore, what shapes a man's psychological being is, for the most part, played by all the myriad of the learning experiences he encountered from early childhood up to adulthood, ranging from the minutest, most insignificant ones to the most profound. Since it is learned, sexual orientation is "fluid" in that it CAN change over a person's lifetime. In a joint statement with other major American medical organizations, the American Psychiatric Association says that "different people realize at different points in their lives that they are heterosexual, gay, lesbian, or bisexual"

So building on the above statements, can most, if not all, good-looking guys be actually gay unless proven otherwise? I'll leave it to you to decide.

On a side note:  The most powerful conditioning factor that encourages a person to engage in certain acts and behavior again and again and again is... PLEASURE. So better be careful what kind of pleasures you constantly indulge yourself into... for it might be subtly and subconsciously "shaping" you.

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