Saturday, March 26, 2011

Revolutionary Practical Flirting Tips for Discreet and Closeted Homosexual and Bisexual Men this 2011!

Okay, I admit it. I still maintain an account at Planet Romeo though I'm really not an active user there. Rather, I'm basically just a passive lurker. Want me to expound on it a bit? Ummm, when I'm online, I basically do nothing most of the time but just wait and check my inbox and visitors list every now and then to see who sent me a message and look for any "interesting personalities" who checked my profile out. At most, PR is just one of the inactive tabs in my Chrome multi-tab browser. Good thing, I apparently succeeded in making a pretty decent and sensible profile so far, since guys who try to make connections are mostly the decent and sensible ones most of the time. Hmmmm, are you curious what my account name is? Come closer, i'll whisper it to your ear. hehe. Research research... Promise, I'll date you for a week if you find out. ;-P

Anyway, the reason for this post is an interesting profile statement/write-up I saw in one of my PR profile visitors. I thought it might be worth sharing. Since it was stated in his profile that he just copied it as well from another user, source unknown, I thought it wouldn't be bad to share it here, as well. In fact, I thought it should be a MUST-SHARE since discreet yuppies will really find it useful. You might wanna apply these tips! hehe. So without much further adieu, here it is, copied verbatim....

lets just be spontaneous... :)


HELP SPREAD THIS OUT (*from a friend)

Ever wonder if that cute, hunky, simple, tall guy with you in a public jeepney, inside the MRT or LRT is a bi or gay?

Are you tired of the old fasion way of just staring in the eye of one another but not really getting any clear anwers to whom youre having eye contact with until it was too late and you just say,, "sayang!! ang cute pa nmn nya!!" and you just watch this person as you both part ways and then there is still this "nakaw tingin" but you are just too afraid to approach, not knowing that the guy was also interested in you?

Well its about time to do something about it!! this flirt signs can be done in public with no hassels AT ALL. no fear of having all the non-third sexes figure out it was actually a flirtatious act..

Help me spread out this new kewl stuff to all your networks, may it be friendster or what have you that have access to all other concerned and involved ones..

so lets get started.. lets say, you are in any public means of tranportation, say MRT, LRT, JEEP, FX or even in a private car. and you came across with this hot-looking guy that you cant even sense if he is bi, gay or straight, and you are interested with this person and so is the person is to you.. this is why we all need this to silently communicated and is the flirt signs 101.

HOLD YOUR NOSE with one hand like wiping out oil shows your interest to a person.

HOLD YOUR CHIN as if checking all the unshaved beard shows you are interested back to the person.

PINCHING your left ear with one hand means you wanna know if the person is bi or gay.

if you are BI, you just need to LICK OR WET YOUR LIPS while looking at the person.

if you are GAY, you will need to WIPE YOUR EYES like you are wiping out eye dirts.

TOUCH YOUR HEAD, if you wanna know if the person is TOP or bottom, the same thing should be done if you are TOP.

REACH YOUR POCKET (your behind pocket) as if you're reaching for your wallet if you are a bottom.

Now lets say you both understood each other but you didnt know whether the person wants to meet or wait outside of where you both are,, Just RUB YOUR HANDS TOGETHER as if you just put some alcogel on them means lets meet outside. then if the person rubs his hands together too, thats it!! you just caught a big fish out of a small pond.. hahaha

So there you go. What do you think? Pretty clever huh.. So any comments? Violent reactions?Additional tips? Feedbacks are most welcome! :-)

Now why not go and try them out. Who knows, these are really already practiced by many -that I do not know though. Actually, I think that if all discreet guys know about this, whoaaa it can revolutionized Gay/Bi flirting like never before! Oh my... (please don't get me wrong here, im not advocating massive flirtations) So, why not give it a try and be surprised with amazing results! hehe.

PS... But please don't forget to come back here and share your experience... :-)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Unintentional Promiscuity

What? Untintentional promiscuity? Is there such???

I tell you there is! J

Wikipedia defines promiscuity as sex with relatively many partners.

Now, indulging in promiscuous acts involves conscious decision and active effort. In short, there is intent to engage in such activity. I call this as intentional promiscuity. So then if there is such a thing as intentional promiscuity, there must also be an unintentional promiscuity.

Intentionally promiscuous men are those who are in the habit of having sex with random men just for the purpose of satisfying their sexual needs.  When you go to gay dating sites, they are typically the ones with very suggestive headlines, steamy pictures, and sexually inviting write ups. So here, we see that the intention is to have sex, for the reason of satisfying sexual needs.

On the other hand, unintentionally promiscuous men usually do not actually claim or see themselves as promiscuous. I personally coin the term “unintentional promiscuity” to refer to such situation of homosexual and bisexual men having a series of multiple sexual partners, but without the original intention of being such.  Unintentionally promiscuous men would often maintain that sex was not really their primary intention; it just happened.  Sounds ridiculous? Probably not.  Why? How come?

Somehow, there is some truth to that.  Unintentional promiscuity can happen to anyone. Particularly among discreet gay and bi men, there is that universal longing for someone to fill that empty spot within. This longing for love and affection is strong and enduring.  It is felt as a need to have someone special. However, finding a decent, “perfect” male partner/lover to fulfill that emotional need is difficult.  Finding the perfect guy is quite impossible. This is particularly true to choosy ones who set high and stiff standards on who and how their partner should be. This leads them into attempts at finding and establish a worthwhile relationship with a nice guy that comes along, which more oftenly involves sex. However, more often than not, things fail and the cycle continues again. Guy after another guy… trying, looking, hoping… wishing the best guy to fulfill that longing for someone special to complete and fill that empty spot within would come. And before long, the number of guys stacks up.  So does that now becomes a case of promiscuity? Yes, definitely. Done intentionally? Apparently not.

So is this difference significant? Does this difference sets one a better state than the other? Would a red-colored shirt look different from a white shirt that fell on a basin of red dye? You decide. :)

A Thin Line

            One thing that seems peculiar among homosexual and bisexual men is the thin boundary that separates pure platonic friendship and romantic-sexual relationship.  In many discreet homosexuals, it is not uncommon to have “friends with benefit” and “fuck buddies” as they are called. They claim that sex between friends does not necessarily involve emotion. It is but having a “release” of pent up sexual urges with someone familiar rather than hooking up with a stranger on a “one night stand” basis. This set up further gives the benefit of security, safety, and confidentiality, etc. without having to worry about sexually transmitted diseases, risk of pregnancy, and compatibility, among other issues associated with random sex. It can be expected that sex with a random stranger for the sake of having sex is nothing but a pure physical interaction meant to satisfy the cravings for sexual pleasure.  However, I personally doubt if periodic sex with a “friend” does not really involve emotions.  

Among many, what happens is either romance occurs first followed by a bloom of friendship or vice versa.  On one hand, through the initial sexual attraction and sexual encounter a friendship can be born.  On the other hand, an existing friendship may pave the way to the benefits of mutually enjoying sexual pleasures.

            So why does romantic friendship exist? Most probably, this occurs due to the fact that since bisexual and homosexual men are sexually attracted to their fellow men, a male friend can be at times become a potential object of sexual desire, given the right and favorable circumstance. And since men are generally primarily sexually-motivated, sexual interactions can occur easily. However, to be fair enough, whether this desire consummates to the sexual act is still subject to one’s self-control, discipline, and personal values.

Differing opinions exist regarding this matter.  Some say it is okay as long as you don’t get hurt or hurt anyone in the process as sex is a basic human need and needs to be enjoyed, while others say it is but a sign of moral looseness and sexual depravity. Others also maintain that having a regular “FUBU” friend is a better alternative to being promiscuous.  Whichever the case maybe, clearly, there is but a thin line that separates pure friendship and romantic friendship, particularly among male homosexuals and bisexuals. Is this good or bad? Is sex between friends okay? You be the judge. It’s totally up to you to decide, depending on your perspectives, beliefs, and philosophies in life.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Just a thought about love and pain

I have come to a conclusion that one of the most compelling emotions humans, particularly discreet gay men, harbor is the longing for someone to love and be loved in return. This can motivate and push them to do just about anything to have this emotional need fulfilled even to the point of getting hurt. Why?

Nothing compares to the blissful feeling of being so much in love despite how equally severe the pain that may come with it. However, how worse the pain might be, love is patient, love is kind, love forgives and forgets, and love accepts... unconditionally. Occurrences of painful experiences, fights, and misunderstandings can be expected every now and then. But what is important at the end of the day, you find each other wrapped in each other's arms, to mend and heal, to build and grow, and give each other reassurance, comfort, and security that banish all the pain away. Then wake up each morning with renewed spirit and vigor to face life together no matter what.

Being in love is wonderful.  After all, to love and to be loved is still the greatest human experience! :)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Finding a beautiful gem that you come to treasure but only to lose it afterwards feels much worse than before you found it.

They say:

          It is better to try and fail at something than not having tried at all.

               It is better to gamble and lose than to just sit, dream, and do nothing.

                     It is better to hope and be disappointed than to dwell on skepticisms, negativism, and inactivity.
                          It is better to get your heart stabbed early on and heal than getting it broken into pieces later beyond mending.
                                It is better to love and get hurt than not loving at all.

I say: 
          Finding a beautiful gem that you come to treasure but only  lose it afterwards feels much worse than before you found it.

However these random thoughts and statements might seem, they may be correct or not, related or not, they may make sense or not, you can not really deny the fact that when you lose someone, IT HURTS!  It never fails to.

I hope I am making sense. Am I? or is it only because I have just lost a gem?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

All good-looking men are... GAY?!

A conversation with a very candid friend led to very lively discussion about homosexuality. A number of his statements surprised me especially when he said, "Before, all good-looking men are straight unless proven otherwise. Now, all good-looking men are gay unless proven otherwise." Woooo, what a statement!

Quite an unfair statement, isn't it? But if indeed what he said was accurate enough, oh my.... what an epidemic!!!

After giving it some thought, my small mind led me to think that perhaps there's some truth to what he said. Good looking guys are at a greater risk of being exposed and oriented into homosexuality (bisexuality, initially) considering their "market value" and the attractive force it creates onto other guys who are already gay or bisexual. I think it would be logical to assume that more often than not good looking guys do get the most attention and eventually the highest chances of encountering m2m experiences. Would you agree?

Sexual orientation, for me, is a "learned" aspect of human sexuality. Of course, we cannot discount genetics. However, genetics can only do so much and studies show that gene function gets modified or altered in response to the influence of the environment. Therefore, what shapes a man's psychological being is, for the most part, played by all the myriad of the learning experiences he encountered from early childhood up to adulthood, ranging from the minutest, most insignificant ones to the most profound. Since it is learned, sexual orientation is "fluid" in that it CAN change over a person's lifetime. In a joint statement with other major American medical organizations, the American Psychiatric Association says that "different people realize at different points in their lives that they are heterosexual, gay, lesbian, or bisexual"

So building on the above statements, can most, if not all, good-looking guys be actually gay unless proven otherwise? I'll leave it to you to decide.

On a side note:  The most powerful conditioning factor that encourages a person to engage in certain acts and behavior again and again and again is... PLEASURE. So better be careful what kind of pleasures you constantly indulge yourself into... for it might be subtly and subconsciously "shaping" you.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Latest Poll Results: 1.) What would you do on your first date? 2.) Why would you would you join a gay social network site?

Guys, here are the results of the latest polls for the month of March 2010.

1. On your first date, you would rather...

    • Kiss (20% of voters)
    • Hold hands                  (33%)
    • Pa-virgin effect             (26%)
    • Go "all the the way"      (1%)
    • All of the above            (13%)

2. Why would you join a gay social network site? (eg. g4m, manhunt, manjam, etc.)

    • To have sex! Kelangan pa bang i-memorize ya!?                                     (15%)
    • To find a good friend. Iba pa rin yung may kaibigang nakakaintindi sayo.  (0%)
    • Just taking my chances on finding "Mr. Right"                                          (53%)
    • Man, I love showing my hot body pics.                                                    (15%)
    • My curiousity is killling me                                                                       (15%)

  • What can you say about the result?
  • Do you agree with it?
  • What insights can you draw out of it?

Kindly leave your comments, opinions, and reactions in the comment box below

For your poll question suggestions, please send them to